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Azienda Cascina del Pozzo

Roero wines that are born from the passion of real wine makers.

TheCascina del Pozzo winery makes white wine, rosé and red wines right where the grape is grown in Castellinaldo, amidst the rolling hillsides of Roero, Piedmont. Here wine is still made with ardour, whilst respecting the natural environment and traditions.

Wine makers from five generations

From post-war caskwine sold by the litre to the bottles produced today by the Cascina del Pozzo, winery, the Marchisio family has come a long way. However, whilst looking ahead to the future, they have never lost sight of the passion from which Giovanni’s father started producing wine during the 40s.

Giovanni was able to continue his father’s pursuit by launching the grape growing and wine making business. Following in his footsteps was his son, Flavio, then grandsons, Stefano and Gianmario and today the young Lorenzo and Gabriele continue making quality wine. This has earned Cascina del Pozzo their standing among wine experts in the Roero region.

Roero wines are produced respecting the natural environment

Every bottle of wine produced byCascina del Pozzo has been made exclusively from grapes cultivated using methods that look after the surrounding environment. The 18 hectares in Castellinaldo - Roero are personally cared for by the Marchisio family. Each row ofArneis, Dolcetto, Barbera and Nebbioloare individually tended to, minimizing the use of fertilisers, avoiding weed killers and chemical products. Not to mention that the grapes are harvested manually, using traditional methods with the maximum of respect for each vine shoot.

In the vineyard as in the cellar, and throughout the entire winery, the key goal is to respect the environment and our tradition. This is the only way we are able to maintain the fragrance and taste of Roero wines and convey their winning character and genuine charm.

A winery in Roero of days gone past

The passion and dedication with which the vineyard and winery,are cared for continues as passed down through the generations from father to son. It is with patience and care that the must of our grapes can become true Roero wines, for this reasonCascina del Pozzo winery maintains the necessary refining and aging periods for each bottle in both large casks or stainless steel. In this way, you can discover the fragrance and taste of agreat time-honoured wine.

Even though time-old tradition is the main theme, the Marchisio family have managed to invest in upgrading their buildings and technology to ensure their cellar has the ideal conditions for producing high quality wine.

There are also other aspects driving the business to the future, one of these is the work that Wilma, Filomena, Denise and Sara do with the rest of the team to create the atmosphere in the wine tasting room, in the cellar and in the vineyard.

Naturally the future can also be seen in the younger additions, Lorenzo, Gabriele, Lucrezia, Michele and the young Giulia who have all grown up amid grapevines and fermenting tanks.

For four generations with the arrival of Lorenzo and Gabriele, we continue to offer our clients a young company but above all family driven.